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Nothing As I Remember

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Nothing As I Remember

Ur nothing as I remember
I am in total awe with u standing here
So Gorgeous…
So Innocent…
So Sophisticated…
The exact visual I’ve created
From the sound of ur voice!
A Photo…
A Mental picture…
Can not prepare a person
For the beauty that u bring to the eye
Nothing can compare to the unexpected chill
Having felt ur body..
Up against mine…
All from a simple hug…
I’m stuck!
Feels like cloud 9…
U’ve taken me away
This being One…
Of many times.
Can u read me ?
Is it written in the way that I look at u?
Or the way that I smile with u in my presence
Who would have thought…
We would have this natural connection…
All day…
This brief encounter
Has me at a loss for words.
Where did u obtain the gift?
2 have my thoughts of u …
Follow me to sleep.
If I could only….
Take control of my dreams.

© 2011  Craig Watson


About Mr. Watson

I'm a person who believes in Happiness & Love... I feel that it empowers us to unimaginable heights... Not just the aspect of Romance... But a Love for Life... Beauty & the Unknown! However, As Positive as I try to be... the struggles of Life are relevant in my world... Perfection doesn't exist and Wise Choices haven't always been made! I try to describe those things in full detail... Bringing u visual imagery through my Poetry ! I Love Feedback... GOOD... or BAD.

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  1. lovely imagination..

    Happy Potluck!

  2. This poem gets two thumbs up!! If only I had someone to feel this way…

  3. the aching feeling of being lost without my love in my presence and the overwhelming joy when we embrace… this poem captures it all. well done Mr Watson!

  4. How lovely to feel this way about someone. Interesting style you have, too. Hugs, pat

  5. Fabulous display of a very unique connection with another.

  6. Wow! that was great reminds me of my own experience

  7. That’s a great poem! Really nice emotion in it.

  8. i really love this one

  9. I love this poem, something about it is oh so familiar!

  10. This is a nice poem but I seem to have reacted somewhat differently from the other commenters. I sort of got the impression from the final lines that this was the person of the narrators dreams…exactly that his dreams.


  11. when you control your own dreams it’s lucid dreaming, but what is it called when someone takes control of your dreams?

  12. yes, we can control our own dreams,



  13. this is one of my favorites, I just read it again! good work.


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