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Y Do U Want Me

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Y Do U Want Me

Y do u want me?
Is it because I’m not urs…
Y do u love me?
U say u’ve never felt this b4.
We r so wrong 4 one another
But around each other…
Nothing Exist…
None of our situations matter
How did we let things progress 2 this?
If I’m not urs
& if ur not mine…
Explain 2 me…
Because mine is devoted to nothing but thoughts of u…
As if u were mine!
I am so confused with you in my life
I mean…
U won’t even allow me 2 say goodbye
Because u feel like I’m saying it’s the end.
And that’s the furthest thing from my mind.
It’s interesting that u can see me vanishing like that…
Because I can’t .
So what do we do?
Where do we go from here?
The circumstances don’t seem so bad…
I crave it …
I love it…
It involves u
How many emotions can a person feel?

© 2011  Craig Watson


About Mr. Watson

I'm a person who believes in Happiness & Love... I feel that it empowers us to unimaginable heights... Not just the aspect of Romance... But a Love for Life... Beauty & the Unknown! However, As Positive as I try to be... the struggles of Life are relevant in my world... Perfection doesn't exist and Wise Choices haven't always been made! I try to describe those things in full detail... Bringing u visual imagery through my Poetry ! I Love Feedback... GOOD... or BAD.

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  1. this is a very touching poem!!

  2. The twisting and turning of bad timing and love is perfectly expressed in this poem.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my new blog! I enjoyed this poem a lot! Definitely makes me remember a very recent love interest …. great job!

  4. Jaan Pehchaan

    The universe is a strange place indeed!

  5. Another lovely poem 🙂

  6. amazing word flow.

    the search for life’s purpose is never ending.
    keep it up.

  7. Very tormented poem, love the honesty, deeply affecting


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