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You Just Don’t Care

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You Just Don’t Care

You ask for my love,
 When I give it…
You act as though you don’t care.
I practically pour my heart to you.
I’m starting to feel nothing is there.
It seems as if you’re putting the relationship all on me,
It’s more difficult when you give love …
But you don’t receive.
That’s why it’s time for us to break free.
I’m crying on the inside….
But physically,
I shed not a single tear.
All I wanted was for you to have a proper fear…
A fear of loosing me…
But now I see u don’t care anything about me.
There’s someone out there for everyone…
And I guess you’re not for me.
I love you to death
We just can’t be…

© 2011 Craig Watson


About Mr. Watson

I'm a person who believes in Happiness & Love... I feel that it empowers us to unimaginable heights... Not just the aspect of Romance... But a Love for Life... Beauty & the Unknown! However, As Positive as I try to be... the struggles of Life are relevant in my world... Perfection doesn't exist and Wise Choices haven't always been made! I try to describe those things in full detail... Bringing u visual imagery through my Poetry ! I Love Feedback... GOOD... or BAD.

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  1. I needed these words a few months back I like it

  2. I understand your feelings outlined in this poem… I can too easily relate. The good thing is (I’m always searching for the positive in bad situations) after being hurt, denied, rejected in this way it becomes easier to spot in others sooner than later. You know, red flags? My struggle has been learning how to stay true to my self, allow others into my heart despite previous let downs, while setting boundaries. Its a difficult balance, but not impossible. Best of luck to you. Blessings.

    • Yes, I know exactly what you mean… I have another poem about that as well…. I’ll be posting it soon! Relationships are a learning process… and just because one doesn’t work out as planned… u can’t let those previous let downs totally affect the next relationship (even though it’s not always easy). Like you said, next time the red flags are just a little more easier to detect! Thanks….

  3. I know what it’s like to pour your heart out to someone you love and not receive the response you hoped for but I can’t say I’ve come to the point of letting go as you write in this poem. I do think it is a good poem still indeed.

  4. Wonderful! Love is always terrifying for the reasons covered in your poem.

  5. You have made a melding pot of feelings out of a short poem. My potluck:

  6. Sad. But better said than not.

  7. well expressed sadness,
    it hits home …
    keep sharing, come to potluck again.



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