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1,000 Thoughts Of An Invisible Man

1,000 Thoughts Of An Invisible Man

I’m slowly going crazy.
This act of not talking to u…
Is killing me.
Passing u by
Not saying anything…
Looking at u…
Screaming with my mind!
And u keep ur eyes focused
On the steps u take.
Leaving me with a thousand thoughts….
Stampeding through my mind.
Do u even see me?
I thought I meant something.
I thought I had ur interest.
Now u just walk by…
As if a conversation never existed.
As if ur body never shook while u were on top of me…
As if our connection wasn’t pure ecstasy.
I never would have expected this.
Here we go again …
It’s happening.
Obsession is taking over.
Who r u…
That u have me feeling this way.
I need to fix this…
Whatever mistakes have been made.
Let’s put our issues in the past.
So we can enjoy the moment
Let’s make up
With a kiss…
To rekindle
What we thought
Turned into a distant relationship.

Β© 2011 Craig Watson


About Mr. Watson

I'm a person who believes in Happiness & Love... I feel that it empowers us to unimaginable heights... Not just the aspect of Romance... But a Love for Life... Beauty & the Unknown! However, As Positive as I try to be... the struggles of Life are relevant in my world... Perfection doesn't exist and Wise Choices haven't always been made! I try to describe those things in full detail... Bringing u visual imagery through my Poetry ! I Love Feedback... GOOD... or BAD.

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  1. nice I can really feel the begging in this…

  2. Hello.
    So sad when things end up like this.
    I can feel your pain, my friend.
    Nicely done.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Imaginary Dreams

  3. Relationships are so hard as this conveys so well

  4. haunting, well done.


  5. Felt the pain here. Nice write.

  6. Once again I can relate. Going crazy myself not speaking to someone I felt so connected to and the physical connection was the greatest ecstasy I’ve experienced yet I don’t hear from him anymore. It’s enough to drive a person insane lol. Great work as always!

    • Lol yes it can drive u CRAZY! Well I hope things turn around for u! Speak up… Like the my last post ” Why Did I Hold Back ” …. Don’t just let something slip away! If he’s not reaching out maybe he’s waiting on u!!! I Always appreciate ur comments !!!! πŸ˜€

      • And I always enjoy your poems. I’m afraid to say anything to him now it’s been a few weeks and plus I don’t think he wants to talk to me anymore but this is driving me crazy. It’s like should I ignore what he said and look st his actions and go for it or just wait. Lol but yeah

  7. If I had the ability, I would have written this myself! (been there, done that!) good read

  8. sad, well done.

    Happy Poetry Picnic.


  9. Great! I loved this “Let’s put our issues in the past.
    So we can enjoy the moment”! Blessings, Terri

  10. very beautiful piece.. God Bless:)

  11. I couldn’t help but feel the vibe from this πŸ™‚ beautiful

  12. Courtney Fayette

    Deeeeep!!!! You hit the nail on the head with this one…. takes me back to the mental anguish n turmoil I experienced recently….but making up is always the best part…thats probably why God gave us lips….lol…Thanks again for another great read…. Ur #1 fan

  13. I hate it but LOVE it so much more…I love all your work you are so talented. I love the way your able to express yourself and I always understand

  14. It is sad, maybe the person has bad eyes! This is a very good poem.

  15. I was in one relationship where at its end, the other person told me they “fell out of love” with me and their eyes were blank. I felt invisible then.
    I realized that the relationship was not worthy of my time and my love. Being invisible to someone else made me understand that I was the most visible person in the world.
    Nice work.

  16. Amour … is like an addiction; especially, when one has moved on and the other is awaiting.

  17. Stunning poem. It left me wanting more (as they say), much more!

  18. I really like the way the narrative unfolds here – you start reading thinking it’s an unrequited love, then as you read on it comes over that they used to be together. Clever and a real sense of yearning.

  19. Painful emotions beautifully written and conveyed with such earnest honesty. I appreciate the degree of your creativity to bring it out with the words you have so carefully coined to convey this feeling.

  20. πŸ™‚ beautifulv


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