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You’re drowning me
By any means
Things that aren’t even as bad as they seem
The misperception of your emotions
Prevents you from thinking logically
I LOVE you
And you KNOW it
But no matter what I do or say
You constantly fish…
For negativity
I can’t take it
Your burdens run thick
Like sap from a tree
Slowly gaining
Eventually concealing
Weighing down
Becoming almost impossible to pierce
Without shattering
When we get along
Happiness is undeniably present
It shines brighter than the sun
And just like night and day
When we disagree…
You forget that there ever was a sun.
Runs deep in your veins
Constantly feeling attacked
Every word is an insult
Making it difficult for me to speak
Walking on egg shells
I’m at a loss for words
I lose desire to speak
Tension on the rise
Rage begins surfacing
My mind drifts from restriction
I lash out when I speak
Roles reverse
Now your feelings are hurt
And I become the agitator
But even in the midst
Of my so called harsh words
Degrading is something I’ll never be
I don’t tear you down
You just like to think things through and through
Until you convince yourself
That you’re being attacked
That’s not me
It starts with you
But when you see red
There’s nothing I can do
Just know you’re drowning me in your sorrows
Makes me feel

© 2013 Craig Watson


About Mr. Watson

I'm a person who believes in Happiness & Love... I feel that it empowers us to unimaginable heights... Not just the aspect of Romance... But a Love for Life... Beauty & the Unknown! However, As Positive as I try to be... the struggles of Life are relevant in my world... Perfection doesn't exist and Wise Choices haven't always been made! I try to describe those things in full detail... Bringing u visual imagery through my Poetry ! I Love Feedback... GOOD... or BAD.

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  1. I really like this, it’s so descriptive that I can feel the frustration in it.

  2. You remind me of ME

  3. Iomg I am sitting here crying this is so me and my ex!! We can’t even be platonic friends without drama from him because I’m not being the friend he thinks I should to the exact letter!! Thank you for this poem I could verbalize how I was feeling I could only cry this just summed it up for me!!!


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