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Depth of Perfection

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Depth of Perfection
My personal visual ecstasy
Created to perfection
Her flaws…
Unknown to me
She’s absolutely stunning
Her taste…
An explosion to my taste buds
I love opening her up with my
A delicacy
Nothing like an acquired taste
Something you just can’t get enough of
Nothing goes to waste
So fulfilling
I frown upon limits
Because to me
They don’t exist
A true work of art
And I own it
She does what I say
She gives me what I want
Our compatibleness
Like every single kiss
Every inch of her body is mine
With a desire to be punished
I go to unimaginable depths
To shine light on my darkness
No point in keeping it hidden
Pain vs Pleasure
I can’t seem to pick a side
Yet darkness constantly takes over
© 2015 Craig Watson


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You’re amazing in every way
And I treat you as if
I don’t worship
The very ground you walk on.
I’m afraid of disappointing you
By exposing
My truths
So in the process…
I distance myself
Suppressing everything
From Anger to Fear
Worst of all
My connection with you.
Nothing about you
Escapes me
I haven’t forgotten a single encounter
From the moment you left my life
And returned
Leaving me breathless.
Down to our 3hr conversations
Leaving my heart racing
On a daily basis.
Each thought of you
Weighs heavy on my mind
And when I think of our created
I sink deeper into myself.
I’m the reason
My best friend is slipping away
From me…
I want to revive anything we have lost
Before it’s nothing left.
But I’m so far gone
And I can’t fix my lips
To let you in
Physically paralyzed
At how you will
View me…
I guess I’ll hold on from a distance
© 2015 Craig Watson