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Fear is foreign
When you are around
And now that I know and have you
My only fear in life
Is to lose you
I’d do anything to keep you
There’s no end
To the rage that would overcome me
In order to assure your wellbeing
There is no darkness too deep
Death holds no weight
For the depths I’d go for you
You have the core of my heart
You say the word
And I’ll see to it
That whatever it is
Gets done.
I’m infatuated
I desire to please you
You heighten every sense in my body
I feel in control
In every action I make
Until you look at me of course
Or touch me
Especially when you touch me
That control …
Is given to you
You control me
And I trust you with that power over me
A powerful woman
You’re the mastermind
Behind my actions
You rule me with everything you do
Compatible in every way
You make me feel invincible
Any task can be overcame
Any obstacle can be completed
As long as you’re with me
There is no fearing

© 2013 Craig Watson


A Haiku

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A Haiku
(My 1st Haiku)

Life is beautiful
Dark is my reality
In your brief absence

© 2012 Craig Watson


U think this is how it’s supposed 2 end ?
Then explain this tough exterior
U present!
This isn’t u…
Who r u ?
Or maybe this is u…
The REAL u!
Where did this weakness come from?
Out of nowhere …
U just decided to give up !
On life… On Dreams …
What happened to love ?
Love for urself?
” Life isn’t supposed to be like this”
To the top of ur lungs u scream
Ur trying to make a point
That makes no sense at all!
U say u stare at ur reflection
And see nothing at all…
A Failure !
U feel nothing has been accomplished…
How can u even fix ur mouth to say such a thing?
Ur so educated….
The simplest things…
Somehow got hard for u to see
If u feel something is truly missing
Search within urself until it’s found.
Don’t continue to work hard for nothing…
Only to birth insecurity and doubt…
Nothing comes over night
Everything isn’t meant To be easy-going
However make the best of ANY situation in ur life…
Don’t throw it away…
U’d be missed!

© 2011  Craig Watson