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Depth of Perfection

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Depth of Perfection
My personal visual ecstasy
Created to perfection
Her flaws…
Unknown to me
She’s absolutely stunning
Her taste…
An explosion to my taste buds
I love opening her up with my
A delicacy
Nothing like an acquired taste
Something you just can’t get enough of
Nothing goes to waste
So fulfilling
I frown upon limits
Because to me
They don’t exist
A true work of art
And I own it
She does what I say
She gives me what I want
Our compatibleness
Like every single kiss
Every inch of her body is mine
With a desire to be punished
I go to unimaginable depths
To shine light on my darkness
No point in keeping it hidden
Pain vs Pleasure
I can’t seem to pick a side
Yet darkness constantly takes over
© 2015 Craig Watson



I want it BADLY
I make it known
And you resist it.
You taunt me with your words
Insinuating you want it
You’re not afraid to show it
You speak on it with ease
As if you mapped it out in your head
And Me…
As thirsty as I am
Taking it a step further…
And stimulate you mentally
And you impassively…
Ignore me
No response
For days…
Leaving me feeling
And out of nowhere
A Response
Only to satisfy your scandalous itch
And then once again…
Gone with the breeze.
You love the control
Yet you fear the reality…
You don’t want to feel guilt…
I don’t want the shame
But how can you not entertain these palpitations
Occurring in our most sensitive loins
The throbbing
The heavy heart beats
This passionate mental storm
Calling for a torrential rain
I know I own your thoughts
I want to make them my own
I want to enter your body
I want to taste your rain

© 2013 Craig Watson